How to install

When you install a central vacuum system you add value to a property, and this represents a long-term surplus quality. In addition, central vacuum systems last longer than portable vacuum cleaners. Benefits include: better health, comfort, energy saving and timesaving. Central vacuum system can be installed in new constructions or existing structures, during renovation and before floor placement. The tubing network is assembled connecting pvc pipes through a special glue and than making all the wiring connections to the central unit.

Central Vacuum Inlets - Where to place the
Pipe network connection
Central unit connection
Vacuum inlets
Ready to clean

Vacuum inlets should be accessible and convenient to use, user should be able to reach a 30 mq area with a 7 meters hose. When determining the number of vacuum inlets it is important to provide maximum coverage and don’t forget to calculate later obstacles such as furniture, appliances or doors.

Pipe network should be realized with a regular route, without obstacles and as direct as possible. Pipes can be placed under the floor or in the false ceiling indifferently.

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is very important in order to grant a good operating system and you need to select the right model depending on the total surface area to clean.

Once piping network is complete, you can choose the model of inlets to install: Sistem Air offers a wide range of vacuum inlets that combine perfectly in any location. Realized in strong plastic material, shock resistant, they guarantee the highest quality for the consumer, and long lasting. With low-tension contacts (12 Volts).

Once the central vacuum installation is ready, it is possible to start cleaning your house just inserting the hose in the vacuum inlets. Cleaning accessories kits are available in different models with different brushes, with 7 or 9 meters hose and with both traditional and electrical on-off hoses that can be connected without any problem.