Sistem Air central vacuum system offers many advantages that improve life quality inside your home: central vacuum can be installed in studio apartments, flats, independent houses or villas with more levels. Suitable for surfaces up to 450 mq, domestic vacuum units can be used in shops or laboratories too.
Dolci Coccole Bakery

Domestic installation with built-in Wolly 2 vacuum unit - Gravellona Lomellina (PV)

Rococò restaurant

Domestic installation with Tecno Star vacuum unit - Vigevano (PV)

BAD café

Domestic installation in coffee shop in Thessaloniki - Greece

Private housing estate

Domestic installations with Tecno R-Evolution vacuum units- Varese

Hair Studio Evolution

Domestic installation in hair salon - Pavia

Private terraced house

Domestic installation with Tecno Star vacuum unit - Rome

Villa Sueno - private house

Domestic installation with Tecno R-evolution vacuum unit- Spain

A central vacuum system by Sistem Air is the perfect solution for every area that requires to be cleaned, granting an effective, complete and reliable result with a low waste of energy.
Bachmann Backery

Professional installation - Lucerne (Switzerland)

Carrozzeria 2000

Professional installation in a body shop - Novara

Maria Caderina Green Village

Professional installation - Posada (NU)

Auto Masserini

Professional installation in car showroom - Milano

Righini Palace

Professional installation - Fossano (CN)

Vignarello Farm holiday

Professional installation - Tornaco (NO)

Tai Cang Villa Garden

Professional installation - Cina

Torrita Farm holiday

Professional installation - Firenze

Sistem Air central vacuum system offers power and reliability without comparison in large surfaces even with multiple users, extended for many hours of work.
Bristol Hotel

Industrial installation with blowing motors and dust separators - Stresa (VB)

Bussola Hotel

Industrial installation - Novara

Fondazione Fagnani Galtrucco

Industrial installation in private hospice - Robbio (PV)


Anthropological Museum with industrial installation – Patra (Grecia)

MInsk Museum

Industrial installation in a national museum – Minsk (Belarus)

Canada Hotel

Industrial installation – Pinzolo (TN)

Religious school

Industrial installation – Novara

Pantheon SA

Industrial installation in textile company – Greece

Schott Forma Vitrum Kft.

Industrial installation – Hungary