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  • New version with updated products.
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Tecno R-evolution
  • Tecno R-evolution central unit is Sistem Air’s top product in domestic range. With its built-in computer is possible to control and manage maintenance cycles.
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Wolly 2 leaflet
  • Wolly 2 is the built-in vacuum unit used in residential areas: with a thickness of only 18 cm it can be installed on balconies and perimeter walls easily.
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Design Inlets
  • Design is the suction inlet with an elegant and refined design. Is is very versatile, simple to be installed, suitable for every environment and, above all, very strong and long lasting. It’s a concentration of innovation and technology in a small and practical product.
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Reference Book
  • This document is a collection of some of our most significative installations in domestic, professional and industrial sectors. New edition 2014.
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  • Flexin is the new vacuum hose that retracts into the wall with the simple suction power of the central unit, to start vacuum you have only to open the vacuum inlet and extract the hose.
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Tecno R-evolution video
    Tecno R-evolution vacuum unit is the "state of the art" in domestic central vacuum units: strong, reliable and technological, it has a computer that manages maintenance.
Video Tecno R-evolution
Tecno Style video
    Tecno Style vacuum units have a convenient on-board vacuum inlet and can be used for all domestic applications.
Video Tecno Style
Tecno Star video
    Tecno Star Dual Power is a vacuum unit conceived for domestic use but with the features of professional units.
Video Tecno Star
Wolly2 video
    Wolly 2 is the innovative built-in vacuum unit designed by Sistem Air. It can be installed in all those situations where installing a traditional vacuum unit is not possible, for example in one-level flats, thanks to its small size.
Video Wolly 2
Sistem Cube video
    Sistem Cube is the smallest central vacuum cleaner available: all the advantages of central vacuum system in only 30 cm3.
Video CUBE
Video PluriBrush
    PLURIBRUSH by TECNOPLUS is the small and versatile single-disc machine, suitable for different applications and production processes: professional cleaning, shampooing, sanding, polishing, scrubbing ... Produced by Ateck , Sistem Air Group, it guarantees the quality of Made in Italy and, thanks to its wide range of accessories, is always useful.
Video PluriBrush
Jolly video
    Jolly vacuum system offers all the advantages of a central vacuum system, including external micro-dust air exhaust, without a piping network.
Video Jolly
Flisy video
    Flisy is the new wireless hose that replaces the traditional electrical hose: it offers the comfort of the ON-OFF control on the hand-grip combined with lightness.
Video Flisy
Revo Block Line
    The compact line of Revo Block vacuum units is particularly adapted for professional applications because it offers professional performance, no time limits of running, with multiple users and surfaces up to 2000 square meters, where’s required impressive vacuum power.
Video Revo Block
Industrial Clean
    Thanks to the possibility to realise a modular system, dividing the pipe network and installing multiple motors, industrial installation has not limits.
Industrial Clean video
Turbix - NEW
    Turbix is the new cyclonic separator, special for big quantities of dusts.
Turbix Video
Automatic discharge separator - NEW
    The separator with automatic discharge is the indispensable tool in all those cases in which emptying of the dust container should be continuous. Made in stainless steel, it has an intelligent control for dust discharge.
Separator Video
Sistem Air video
    During its twenty-year experience, Sistem Air has developed a complete product range, able to satisfy any kind of installation, supported by a high-specialized pre and post-sales service. Products are exclusively made in Italy, with a high standard quality.
Sistem Air video
What is a central vacuum system
    It is a revolutionary way to clean that improves the quality of the air and simplifies the cleaning operations for all the surfaces in domestic, professional and industrial sector.
Sistem Air central vacuum system
Flexin Video
    Flexin is the new vacuum hose that retracts into the wall with the simple suction power of the central unit, easy to use and with a simple design.
Video Flexin
Video Roll Flex
    Suitable for industrial sector, motorized hose reel Roll Flex is easy to use, extremely reliable and versatile.
Video Roll Flex
Video Block-object
    The ultimate accessory made by Sistem Air: the block-object accessory. The convenient block-object accessory can be installed on any vacuum hose thanks to its universal connection. It catches smaller items or those that you are more attached to.
Video Block-object
Tecno R-evolution vacuum units
    Installation and maintenance manual for Tecno R-evolution line.
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Tecno Style vacuum units
    Installation and maintenance manual for Tecno Style line.
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Tecno Star Dual Power 3116.2TS
    Installation and maintenance manual for Tecno Star Dual Power.
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Sistem Cube
    Installation and maintenance manual for Cube vacuum unit.
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Wolly 2
    Installation and maintenance manual for Wolly 2 vacuum units.
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    Installation and maintenance manual for Jolly vacuum units.
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Flisy Tech
    Flisy Tech Receiver Module Installation and Maintenance Manual
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Flisy Tech Receiver Module
    Flisy Tech Receiver Module Installation and Maintenance Manual
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Revo Block Professional
    Installation and maintenance manual for professional line, up to 3 users, 1800 mq. Code: 3203.1B for 500 mq - 3203.2B for 700 mq - 3203.3B for 1000mq - 3203.4B for 1200 mq - 3203.5B for 1500 mq- 3203.6B for 1800 mq
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Industrial Clean
    Installation and maintenance manual for Industrial Clean dust separators.
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Industrial Motor line
    Installation and maintenance manual for blowing units.
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    Installation and maintenance manual for Autocleaning Universal System. It can be installaed with:
  • Tecno Star Dual Power
  • Revo Block Professional
  • Industrial Clean dust separators
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Spare parts compatibility table
    For domestic central vacuum units
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