In every business sector, where there is a need to clean, the Sistem Air centralized vacuum cleaner is the most effective, complete and reliable solution, to obtain a safe result with the lowest possible energy consumption.
You can install the Sistem Air central vacuum cleaner where you would never have thought possible.

Tecno R-evolution

PVC and STEEL tube network

The tube network can be made of PVC material, with wide radius curves. In particularly dusty and dangerous areas, the piping must be in steel connected to the earthing system, in order to eliminate static charges.

Antistatic industrial suction socket

The antistatic industrial sockets, connected to the earthing system, will allow the use of a special flexible pipe, also antistatic, to eliminate the annoying static charges and at the same time to avoid the problems related to safety in dangerous environments.

Tecno R-evolution
Tecno R-evolution

Roll Flex wrapper

Flexible hose winding and unwinding system with motorized system and autonomous control. With the Roll Flex system, it is possible to clean up to 150/200 mq with a single unwinder.

Turbix cyclonic separator

The Turbix pre-cyclone system allows very fine filtration, such as flour and other products without having to constantly clean the filter. You can also install multiple elements for differentiated product collection.

  1. Suction of fine aluminum swarf
  2. Suction of small brass shavings
  3. Suction of small metal particles

*NB. The descriptions of the aspirated products should be considered as examples

Tecno R-evolution
Tecno R-evolution

Autojet Turbix automatic drain

Example of application in industry with collection of light and fine products. The system is suitable for the collection of large product quantities with the possibility of recovering the product once downloaded.

Autojet with automatic discharge

Example of application in a mechanical workshop with discharge of heavy metal parts into designated collection containers.

Tecno R-evolution
Tecno R-evolution

Suction of metal shavings

Metal shavings, even if wet, can be vacuumed independently of the weight as long as they are small.

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