How it works

The main element of the system is the central vacuum unit (1), which can be placed in a service room or on a balcony; from this a tube network (2) branches off, placed under the floor, on the wall or in a suspended ceiling, which feeds into the various rooms with the suction sockets (3). To use the system, simply insert the pipe into the suction socket: the contact will turn the control panel on and initiate cleaning.
The aspirated dust, passing through the flexible tube and subsequently into the tube network (placed underneath), will be conveyed into the central vacuum unit, directly into the dust collection bucket.



sistem air aspirapolvere centralizzato casa pulizia donna


Sistem Air is the most effective solution to eliminate dirt from the rooms and remove those pathogens that are the main cause of allergies: pollens, mites and micro dust.


This system creates a vacuum inside the tubing, leaving the external pressure to push the air and dirt into the tube, which is collected in the dust container of the central unit.


No traditional vacuum cleaners to carry around. Only a light flexible hose, built to last over the years, which allows dust to be vacuumed in an easy, intelligent and discreet way.


Forget the electric cables that twist and may get damaged over time. The vacuum cleaner is activated using a low voltage contact (12 V dc), which is present in the suction sockets.


Now you can clean your home in absolute silence without the fear of disturbing the tranquility of your family. The central vacuum unit can be installed away from your living rooms.


The vacuumed dust ends up directly in the collection vessel. To clean the filter, just wash it with water. The centralized vacuum cleaner is not an appliance but a true instalation.

Energy Saving

The entire range of Sistem Air central vacuum units features high efficiency motors, characterized by high performance and energy consumption which offer an average saving of over 20%.


You can clean your home in absolute comfort using a series of interchangeable brushes that meet every need. They carry out cleaning operations in the domestic and professional fields.

Can it be installed if the house is already finished?

Yes it can with Jolly People, the compact and versatile vacuum cleaner designed to be installed anywhere, with all the advantages of centralized systems.
Just a few simple steps to fix the suction body and use only a very light flexible hose for cleaning.

Solution A

Solution B
Wall-mounted installation with air discharge outside

If you install JOLLY PEOPLE on an external wall, where an air discharge has been drilled, with the purchase of two simple options, you can expel mites, pollens and micropowders from your home.

Wall-mounted installation with internal air exhaust

If you install JOLLY PEOPLE on an internal wall, or the external wall can’t be drilled, the vacuumed air is filtered and can be discharged into the space without any negative effects.