The magic of Sistem Air's central vacuum system

It’s the perfect plant for every home. The only system in the world able to guarantee the healthiness of the environments.

La magia dell'aspirapolvere centralizzato Sistem Air

È l’impianto essenziale per tutte le case che garantisce la salubrità degli ambienti con le pulizie ordinarie.

Un sistema integrato semplice e duraturo. L’unico al mondo che espelle micropolveri, acari, allergeni, inquinanti, batteri e virus con le pulizie ordinarie.

The fundamental system for your home

In the house there are essential systems that ensure the well-being and life of the spaces.

When we are cold, the heating system ensures the necessary comfort, just as in summer the air conditioning keeps the scorching temperatures under control. And when should hygiene be ensured?

How to heat rooms


Heating system

How to refresh environments


Air conditioning system

How to clean in a healthy way

Sistem Air aspirapolvere centralizzato

Central vacuum system

It has nothing to do with an appliance

We are talking about the clean, the real one. The deep hygiene that all homes are entitled to have.

No matter how technological or with innovative filters, household appliances all have the same limit.

No vacuum cleaner, cordless or robot can do this

Place one hand behind your appliance.
You will feel the warm vent of the intake air.

That air is full of micro-dust, mites, allergens, bacteria and viruses that you have just sucked in and return to the environment.
It’s like not having cleaned.

See with your own eyes because it is different

The Sistem Air central vacuum system has a external vent outside the house that eliminates micro dust, mites, allergens, pollutants, bacteria and viruses while you are cleaning.

Nothing will come back, clean is healthy and lasts longer.

How the integrated cleaning system works


Realization of the piping network

On the floor, wall or in the false ceiling.

Download the complete guide with all the fundamental plant concepts to create a state of the art Sistem Air system.

Vacuum inlet

Connected to the pipe network, they are the door to cleanliness.
Beautiful and identical to the civil series.



Central unit

It is the heart of the plant and guardian of health.
The dirt ends up in the bucket and the micro-dust is filtered and expelled.

Filtered air exhaust

Micro-dust, pollutants, mites, allergens, bacteria and viruses
are expelled from the vent outside the building.


From the studio to the villa.
Because we want every home to be healthy and safe

Whether it’s small or massive, your home is the most important place in the world.

In Sistem Air we know it well, so we have studied a complete range suitable for all homes. Healthy and safe cleaning from the central vacuum system is for everyone.

Traditional, passive, prefabricated or in green building.
Whatever yours is, we are ready to turn it into a healthy home

The Sistem Air central vacuum system can be placed in any type of home.
From traditional brick to those built with innovative materials. In detached, semi-detached houses and apartments.

When is it installed?

The Sistem Air integrated cleaning system is installed during construction or renovation, during the preparation of the systems.

Solutions for already completed buildings

Do not give up healthiness, you can integrate the system even in existing buildings by hiding the tube network with decorative plasterboard.

Or install Jolly People, the single-socket vacuum cleaner with external vent for micro-dust.

The new way to clean
you will never want to change again

We spend over 90% of our time indoors. The central vacuum system is the only system capable of guaranteeing indoor air quality with ordinary cleaning. Eliminates micro dust, mites and allergens through an external vent. No traditional vacuum cleaner,cordless or robot can do this.

Design or renovate your home for life. Cleaning is a constant, doing it in the most hygienic way increases the well-being of the rooms.

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