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by Giancarlo Plebani, CEO Sistem Air

It is in knowledge that the answers to difficulties are found.
Today the news is showing a world we didn’t want to look at. That fake bubble in which we thought we could do everything, regardless of the consequences, has vanished.

We are the result of superficial choices that chase appearance, forgetting the most basic substance that keeps us alive.

The air entering and leaving our lungs is no longer invisible. Now we are really realizing that we are one with the environments in which we live. 
Learning that breathing clean air is the only cure for a healthy future.

We live in a
healthy environment?

Dust and respiratory diseases

Serious pathological conditions
with a growing trend

Pollutants and where to find them

What are animal epidermal derivatives

The epidermal derivatives of domestic animals are released from saliva, dandruff and urine from dogs and cats but also from birds and cockroaches. Once dried and fragmented, they remain suspended in the air in the dust. They represent a risk factor for allergies not only in the domestic environment but also in offices, schools and in all community environments.

Related diseases

Building-related illnesses

Organic dust toxic syndrome