7010.3 - Auto Jet Turbix

Powder separator with automatic discharge. It allows the complete evacuation of the suction material through an adjustable system of compressed air jets. Its versatility makes it suitable for use in many applications. Made entirely from stainless steel suitable for use in the food and chemical industry. To facilitate the discharge of all types of aspirated material, even the lightest and bulky, the separator is equipped with 8 nozzles that allow the compressed air to discharge when the lower door is opened. The pneumatic actuator allows the opening of the loading door even in the presence of severe depressions inside the separator, so that the material can be discharged in any situation. The shape of the cone allows to carry out the cyclonic separation of the aspirated material, ensuring a great efficiency of dust reduction, even fine ones, without the use of any filter. With the three potentiometers on the control panel, you can adjust the following operating parameters:

  • suction time (to avoid excessive filling of the container)
  • opening time of the door (to be set depending on the specific weight and the consistency of the aspirated material)
  • repetition of compressed air jets that are in phase drain.