8201.1 - Unit with accessory kit Wolly 2 m 300

Wolly 2 is the innovative central vacuum unit, available in two different version, wall mounting or built-in, The features that make it revolutionary are:

  • Depth only 18,7 cm
  • Predisposed to accept pipes of Ø 40 and 50 mm
  • Equipped with cleaning kit (hose 9 m)
  • 220/240 V ac power supply (120 V ac power supply also available)
  • IP 44 protection level
  • Break valve
  • The central unit can be connected to the piping network either from the right or the left
  • Soft Start device to reduce consumption during the motor start
  • Electric control board to protect the main circuit
  • Safety thermal sensor protecting the motor, with switching off and automatic restoration in case of a malfunction
  • Protection fuse for main circuit
  • High technology filter, Class L, washable with water
  • Body entirely realized in plastic material, it’s shock resistant, light and long lasting
  • Simple and elegant finishing
  • Rust proof screws and bolts
  • High soundproofing level, thanks to adoption of sound absorbent devices for all unit components
  • Vacuum unit noise level below 70 dB
  • Microfiber dust bag (12 l)