7039.4W - Handle and receiving board for Flisy

System Tech Flisy represents the latest evolution of the ON/OFF wireless hose, combining the convenience of the switch on the handle, the light weight hose and the convenience of the pipe network construction.

  • Flisy Tech wireless system can be used in all central vacuum cleaning systems.
  • This system is composed from a hilt with the integrated transmitter and from a receiving card connected to one or more aspirant takings.
  • The system is composed of a handle with an integrated transmitter and a receiver board connected to one or more vacuum inlets.
  • Prolonged battery life because there is the only battery inside the transmitter module, with lower consumption then the batteries in the receiver module, now eliminated
  • Possibility of use with traditional flexible hose or with retractable hose
  • The electrical connection of the System Tech Flisy is divided into different areas where the reception of the module is guaranteed and with the same handle it is possible to manage the vacuum of different areas, and the activation of the receiver in a specific area won’t interfere with receivers in other areas.