Centrale Aspirante Wolly 2

Central vacuum unit
Sistem CUBE

The centralised system Cube is the solution for all those situations where space is limited (bungalows, holiday homes, student residences), but you don’tt want to give up the comfort and benefits of the central vacuum cleaner.

Installation parameters

The Wolly 2 central vacuum unit can be installed in homes with the following characteristics:

  • Surface to be cleaned between 30 and 300 m2
  • Use by a single operator
  • Tube network with a 40/50 mm /2” diameter tube
  • 220/240 V ac power supply
  • Non-continuous use for suction of domestic dust
  • Direct air extraction/discharge
  • Possible to install in storerooms, heating plants, corridors and sheltered balconies
  • Recessed/wall mounted installation using an optional frame
consigliatamax operatori
Sistem CUBE120 m²8300.01

Installation in limited spaces

The smallest power plant in the world

Compactness, rationality and power

Ø 40 mm tubing, specific for reduced screed

The Sistem Cube central unit has been designed to be installed with a 40 mm diameter tubing network, suitable for those installation situations where the floor underlay has reduced depth, or where the systems present have various overlapping points.

Sistema Filtrante

Simplicity of installation,
thanks to the plant preparation template (Article 8300.10)

The system installation template is the connection support of the Sistem CUBE central vacuum unit to the system, designed to make installation quick and easy, thanks to the possibility of 360 ° suction and discharge nozzle rotation.
Note: The connections to the suction and discharge pipe network must be made on the template, as well as the electrical connections to the micro line and to the power supply network.

Sistema Filtrante

Feature shortlist

  • PP-ABS plastic body

  • 5L dust collection filter bag

  • Sound-absorbing motor compartment (central noise values ​​within 70 dB A)

  • Preparation template with 360 ° adjustable inlet / outlet air

  • Water washable motor protection filter cartridge

  • Thermal safety probe to protect the motor unit, with automatic shut-down and reset