Tecno R-evolution

Central vacuum unit
Tecno R-Evolution
Top of the range

The control units of the Tecno R-Evolution domestic line represent the most advanced expression of centralized vacuum systems. They adopt numerous cutting-edge technical solutions, including the exclusive Bi-Vac system, which make it possible to choose between cyclonic dust separation mode, or bag filtering that excludes the need for filter cleaning.

Installation environments

La centrale aspirante Tecno R-evolution può essere installata in abitazioni con le seguenti caratteristiche:

  • Surface to be cleaned between 30 and 450 mm2
  • Use by a single operator
  • Tube network made with a 50 mm /2” diameter tube
  • 220/240 V ac power supply
  • Non-continuous use for suction of household dust
  • External air discharge
  • Can be installed in utility rooms and balconies protected from bad weather
MODEL Recommended ARTICLE Max number
surface of operators
Tecno R-EVOLUTION 150 150 m² 3110.2T 1
Tecno R-EVOLUTION 250 250 m² 3112.2T 1
Tecno R-EVOLUTION 350 350 m² 3113.3T 1
Tecno R-EVOLUTION 450 450 m² 3115.3T 1

Available with choice of four motors

Integrated on-board socket

Interactive on-board computer

Innovative filtering system

The innovative filtering system adopted on the Tecno R-evolution plants consists of a conical filter, made of polyester and aluminum fiber, washable and certified in filtration class M, in which the power unit is connected to the earthing system.
The filter is therefore free from the accumulation of static charges, which would otherwise retain dust on its walls: when the suction stops, everything that is deposited on the filtering surface is free to fall into the dust container, facilitated by the inverted conical shape of the filter itself.

Sistema Filtrante

BiVac filter choice option

During the installation phase, the Tecno R-evolution unit allows you to choose between two filtration options, in order to best meet the customer’s needs.


The aspirated dust is separated from the air due to the cyclone that forms inside the machine body and falls into the collecting bucket. The conveyor cone prevents it from returning to the filter and dirtying its surface.

The dust falls into the bucket, due to the cyclone forming inside the unit


Microfibre bag, able to retain the vacuumed dust, making the cleaning of the filter superfluous.
Once full, the bag must be replaced with a new one, while the full one can be thrown away.

The dust is retained by filter bag

Intelligent maintenance computer

Sistem Air’s Tecno R-evolution plant adopts an innovative control and maintenance management system based on a latest generation electronic board with microprocessor, connected to pressure sensors and programmed to interact with the user in a simple and immediate way.
The maintenance management can be set as desired by the user, who can read messages relating to machine status on the graphic display, together with indications on the operations to be carried out in case of anomalies.

What can the computer show?

  • Dust container level (cyclonic filtration)

  • Dust bag level (bag filtration)

  • Current system pressure

  • Motor suction hours

  • Control panel power-on times

  • Electric consumption