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Central vacuum unit
Tecno Star
Dual Power

The TECNO Star Dual Power plant is a unique product, with hybrid characteristics: even if it utilizes two domestic motors (with brushes), it is able to serve two operators simultaneously on larger surfaces than a traditional domestic unit. The on-board computer, with latest-generation electronics, allows the central unit conditions and the necessary maintenance to be kept under control.

Installation environment

The Tecno Star Dual Power central unit can be installed in homes with the following characteristics:

  • Surface to be cleaned between 30 and 450 m2
  • Use by two operators simultaneously
  • Tubular network made with a 50/63 mm diameter tube
  • 220/240 V ac power supply
  • Non-continuous use for suction of household dust
  • Exhaust air that can be conveyed outside
  • Installation in places away from heat sources
consigliatamax operatori
Tecno STAR Dual Power450 m²3116.2TS2

Automatic filter cleaning

Easy maintenance

Interactive on-board computer

Use with two operators simultaneously

The presence of two motors allows the Tecno Star Dual Power plant to be used simultaneously by two domestic operators (domestic dust extraction), even on surfaces exceeding 450 m2. From the on-board computer, it is also possible to set the “Turbo” function, which activates both motors with a single operator, to obtain particularly powerful suction.

Two operators at the same time

The surface to be cleaned is divided into two areas (eg a two-family house), each with its own separate tube network (Ø 50), equipped with a micro line that controls the single motor. The two pipes are connected to a manifold (Ø 63), in turn connected to the central unit. Each motor will serve an operator in a single zone.
By activating the Turbo function, both motors can be started with just one operator for particularly powerful suction.

Two operators at the same time

The surface to be cleaned is considered as a single area (eg large villa), served by a single Ø 63 tube network with reduction to Ø 50 to connect the individual sockets. The entire system will be equipped with a single micro line that controls both motors.

Automatic filter cleaning system

Sistema Filtrante

La centrale Tecno Star Dual Power è predisposta per l’installazione del Sistema Autocleaner per la pulizia automatica del filtro mediante un getto di aria compressa che attraversa il filtro in senso contrario a quello dell’aspirazione: in questo modo la polvere che si è depositata sulle parete tra le pieghe del filtro si distaccherà e sarà libera di cadere nel secchio di raccolta delle polveri.
Il sistema può essere montato anche successivamente all’installazione della centrale, utilizzando le connessioni elettriche e pneumatiche presenti sulla centrale stessa: il computer è già predisposto per gestire l’autopulizia quando viene montata.

Intelligent maintenance computer

Sistema Filtrante

The Sistem Air Tecno Star Dual Power plant adopts an innovative system of control and maintenance management, based on a latest generation electronic board with microprocessor programmed to interact with the user in a simple, real time way.
The user can read machine status messages on the display, together with operation instructions to be carried out in case of anomalies.
The sensor provides an accurate reading of the central unit conditions.

What does the central unit display?

  • Dust container fill level

  • Filter efficiency level

  • System pressure level

  • Scheduled maintenance requirement (two levels)

  • Motor suction hours

  • The power-on times of the control panel

  • Power consumption

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