Centrale Aspirante Wolly 2

Central vacuum unit

The Wolly 2 built-in vacuum units offer an extraordinary flexibility, which makes their installation in apartments even easier, where the available space for passage of various systems is always minimal.

Installation parameters

The Wolly 2 central vacuum unit can be installed in homes with the following characteristics:

  • Surface to be cleaned between 30 and 300 m2
  • Single operator use
  • Tubular network usong 40/50 mm /2” diameter tube
  • 220/240 V ac power supply
  • Non-continuous use for suction of domestic dust
  • Direct external air extraction/discharge
  • Possible to install in utility rooms, heating plants, corridors and sheltered balconies
  • Recessed installation or wall mounting using an optional frame
consigliatamax operatori
WOLLY 2 150150 m²8201.01
WOLLY 2 300300 m²8201.11

Installation outside the home

Ideal for apartments

Wall-mounted solution

Compatible with homes with energy certification

The Wolly 2 central unit is coated with a high-density polystyrene shell that acts as a thermal insulator, sound-absorbing barrier and anti-vibration support. Thanks to this, the heat loss due to the collection of the power plant is minimal. A copy of the thermal transmittance test “U” and on the sound emission is available on request.

Sistema Filtrante

Two installation options

The Wolly 2 central unit has been designed and built to offer maximum ease of installation in all those situations where there isn’t enough space to install a traditional central vacuum unit.
Specifically, the installation can be:

A – recessed, thanks to the depth of just 18.7 cm, with the option of not installing the expulsion pipe
B – wall fixed, using the appropriate frame (optional).

In both cases it is possible to have:

  • reversible right / left pipes, also separated from each other
  • direct air discharge, thanks to the slots along the cover edges, or conveyed, with an expulsion pipe.

A – Recessed installation
Sistema Filtrante

B – Wall mounted installation
Sistema Filtrante

Feature shortlist

  • Body in plastic PP-ABS

  • Sound-absorbing motor compartment (central unit noise values ​​within 70 dB A)

  • Microfibre bag filter (capacity 12 l), with class M water washable, certified, polyester safety filter cartridge.

  • P44 protection rating, which even allows installation in damp rooms, boiler rooms, or on sheltered balconies.

  • Recessed panel remote control option that can be integrated with all control unit models.

  • Dual protection electronic control board with fuse-holders for both primary and secondary circuit breakers.