Tecno R-evolution

Industrial Clean dust separators

Industrial Clean dust separator technology is aimed at simplifying use and guaranteeing maximum reliability: a commitment that Sistem Air carries forward from our design philosophy. The result is a product without equal.

  • Can manage up to 8 motors simultaneously, all connected to the same separator;
  • Detect the vacuum in the system and adjust the rotation speed of the motor;
  • Software to control the Autocleaner self-cleaning system.

New Touch Screen interface

The new generation Industrial Clean dust separators adopt an innovative touch screen display, which makes it even easier to use the control unit. The touch display becomes a simple 360 ​​° interface:

  • For the installer, who has all the settings available to check the correct functioning of the control unit;
  • For the end user, who can see system conditions at any time, with real-time messages on required maintenance.
Portata d’aria motoreMODELARTICLENumero maxNumero max operatori con tubo ø 40
operatori con tubo
ø 32
Fino a 700 m3/hIndustrial Clean Small3403.043
Fino a 1200 m3/hIndustrial Clean Big3403.184

For the installer, the graphic display is an added value:

  • During the initial installation phase, where no specific training is required;
  • In subsequent maintenance the display can show all operating parameters and alarm history.

The display is set to control the central vacuum unit and optimize its performance giving information:

  • On the suction present in the system, with the possibility of adjusting suction power;
  • On the powder container fill level;
  • On filter efficiency;
  • On scheduled maintenance requirements.

Additional functions that can be managed by touch screen:

  • Management of the Autocleaner self-cleaning system (if installed);
  • Setting of suction block in the presence of an alarm;
  • Test function;
  • Alarm history list;
  • Information on electricity consumption;
  • List of extraordinary maintenance.
Here are some examples of a screen:

Main screen where it is possible to check if the control panel is on, what suction the plant is creating, as well as accessing the other control screens

Filter control. Filter efficiency status, where thanks to the colored status bar, you have the immediate understanding of filter cartridge efficiency.

Emptying the bucket. Instructions for emptying the dust container: an animated sequence shows how to perform the operation.

Machine info. Machine info screen, where all the operating parameters are displayed.

Remote viewing of alerts (optional on request)

Using an optional card that allows connection to an intranet, it is possible to check the centralized system status from any terminal connected to the network: through a special PC software installation it is possible to view all the information available on the touch display.

Simplified emptying

The Industrial Clean dust separators have a dust collection bucket equipped with a simplified release system, with a wide handle covered in soft shock-proof material, which requires no effort. The dust collection container wheels allow the utmost simplicity of movement to the point of emptying.

Feature shortlist

  • Single-phase power supply.

  • On-board computer with touch screen.

  • Sistem Air automatic suction power regulation system.

  • Base covered in shockproof material to protect the central unit.

  • RS485 connection between Industrial Clean separator and motor and between blower motors (Matic models).

  • Metal powder container (capacity 62/106 liters) with handling wheels

Tecno R-evolution

Industrial Clean Basic
dust separators

The dust separators of the Basic line are designed as a basic filtration unit, without any type of electronic control, either on the connected motors or the operating system suction.
It is a product dedicated to special applications, where there is a suction unit with separate power regulation and the main filtration is assigned to another separator (for example a cyclonic separator of the TURBIX line).

NB: Autocleaner self-cleaning system cannot be installed on the Basic line separators.

Industrial Clean Basic dust separators

The dust separators of the Basic Line have been designed and built according to all criteria that the current regulations and community directives impose, without neglecting fundamental elements including functionality, power and practicality of use. The main technical features can be listed as follows:

  • Mechanical safety vacuum breaker valve for suction flow regulation
  • Left/right pipe connection option
  • Cylindrical shell in epoxy powder coated metal
  • Anti-shock material covering to protect the central unit
  • Metal powder container (capacity 62/106 liters) on castors
  • Bag with tensioner in the collection container
  • Class M certified, water washable polyester filter cartridge
Portata d’aria motoreMODELLOARTICOLONumero maxNumero max operatori con tubo ø 40
operatori con tubo
ø 32
Fino a 350 m3/hSeparatore di polveri a muro3400.4041
Fino a 700 m3/hBasic Big3400.2043
Fino a 1200 m3/hBasic Small3400.2184