Roll Flex



Roll Flex by Sistem Air is a motorised wall-mounted hose reel that represents the evolution of the traditional wall-mounted hose reel: equipped with a motorised
system for unfolding/rewinding the hose, it is characterised by an extreme strength, thanks to the careful design of mechanical and electrical components,
designed to withstand numerous cycles of use. It is very easy to use, with two switches to control the direction of the wheel rotation.


Great comfort of use

The hose-reel is equipped with a motor that allows both unfolding and rewinding without the need of return springs.

Roll Flex has an integrated contact that allows to start and stop vacuuming without a further switch

Extreme reliability

Roll-Flex hose reel is driven by a powerful electric motor, which ensures the correct unfolding and rewinding, without that the hose is aff ected by load
variations during these two operations.
Therefore the reliability of the motor is combined with a longer life of the flexible hose, that doesn’t receive sudden strains from the hose-reel.

Accurate rewind

Every time that unfolding starts, an optical sensor measures the section of the unfolded fl exible hose, in order to rewind exactly the same part.
In this way the fl exible hose always returns to the same starting position.

Always ready to use

Roll Flex is supplied with a convenient wall support, which allows the hose to be stored neatly near the drive controls.

The support is designed to hermetically close the end of the hose, so as to make it possible to use Roll Flex in a system where there are other winders or other vacuum inlets of any type.

Installation versatility

It can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling. Transformation is easy and quick, it consists in the rotation of the control switches of the motor. The hose-reel fixing is made with appropriate plugs.

Great coverage range

The flexible hose supplied with Roll Flex allows to cover a surface that is decidedly superior to the traditional hoses to be plugged in the vacuum inlets.
For this reason it is recommended in all those situations where, for technical, functional or aesthetic reasons, there is a need to reduce the pipe network to a minimum, or it is advisable to limit the number of vacuum inlets to ground level because the flexible hose resting on the ground would represent a hindrance in case of frequent passage.

Thanks to the 20 meter extension, you can really get anywhere.

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