Tecno R-evolution

Revo Block
central unit

The REVO Block Professional line central units represent the best available on the market in the field of centralized vacuum cleaners for professional use.
The extreme build quality is combined with last generation electronic performance management, used to simplify installation and use, where
everything is controllable via the new touch screen display.

Installation parameters

The Revo Block Professional line central vacuum units can be installed in structures with the following characteristics:

  • Surface to be cleaned up to about 1800 m2
  • Use by up to three operators simultaneously
  • Tubing network made with a pipe suited to manage the number of operators required
  • 220/240 V ac single-phase and 400 V ac three-phase power supply
  • Continuous use
  • Exhaust air that can be conveyed to the outside
MODELRecommendedARTICLEMax number
surfaceof operators
Revo Block
Professional 700
700 m²3203.2B1
Revo Block
Professional 1000
1000 m²3203.3B2
Revo Block
Professional 1200
1200 m²3203.4B2
Revo Block
Professional 1500
1500 m²3203.5B3
Revo Block
Professional 1800
1800 m²3203.6B3

Can be installed anywhere

Professional design

Electronics with Touch Screen interface

New Touch Screen interface

The new generation Revo Block Professional central units adopt an innovative touch screen display, which makes it even easier to use. The touch display becomes a simple 360 ​° interface:

  • For the installer, who has all the settings available to check the correct functioning of the central unit;
  • For the end user, who always has system conditions visible, with real-time messages on any required maintenance.

For the installer, the graphic display represents added value:

  • During the initial installation phase, where no specific training is required;
  • In subsequent maintenance, the display can show all operating parameters and alarm history.

The display is set to control the central vacuum unit and optimize its performance giving information:

  • On the suction present in the system, with the option to vary suction power
  • On dust container fill level
  • On filter efficiency
  • On scheduled maintenance requirements

Additional functions that can be managed by touch screen:

  • Autocleaner self-cleaning system management (if installed);
  • Suction block settings in the presence of an alarm;
  • Test and test function;
  • Alarm history list;
  • Information on electricity consumption;
  • List of extraordinary maintenance.
Here are some examples of a screen:

Main screen where it is possible to check if the control panel is on, what suction the unit is creating, as well as accessing the other control screens

Filter control. Filter efficiency status, where thanks to the colored status bar you can immediately understand filter cartridge efficiency.

Emptying the bucket. Instructions for emptying the dust container: an animated sequence shows how to perform the operation.

Machine info Machine info screen, displaying all operating parameters.

Consumption optimization system

The commitment of Sistem Air to reduce the consumption of its central vacuum units continues with the new REVO Block Professional line:
compared to the previous models, new blower motors have been adopted with a higher energy efficiency class (IEC2 class).
The electronic management of the motor, in addition to optimizing its performance and preventing any absorption peaks, is able to process data transmitted by a temperature sensor, in order to avoid possible malfunctions. All for greater reliability of use.

Simplification of installation

The installation of REVO Block units is extremely simple, with easy connections, eliminating the possibility of errors. Even the management of several operators at the same time does not require additional frameworks or resistive partitions: the automatic performance control system detects the variation and acts on the motor in order to compensate the suction power and guarantee the correct supply.

Automatic filter cleaning system

On all Revo Block Pro line control panels it is possible to install the Autocleaner automatic filter cleaning system, which frees the filter walls from the deposited dust, using a compressed air jet that passes through the filter in the opposite direction to the suction.
The Autocleaner device can be programmed as desired, and can also be installed later as an add on.

What does the unit include?

  • Cylindrical shell in epoxy powder coated metal

  • Base covered in shockproof material to protect the central unit

  • Metal dust container and easy release system

  • Sack with bag tensioner in the collection container

  • Possibility of predisposition of suction pipes to the right or left

  • Single-phase and three-phase power supply

  • Automatic power regulation system

  • Control unit computer with touch screen interface

  • Filter protection for maintenance reduction