Tecno R-evolution

Revo Job central
vacuum unit

Revo Job is the new Sistem Air central vacuum unit designed for intensive use in the tertiary / professional sector. Simplicity, reliability and suction power are the main features of this product.

Installation parameters

The Revo Job central vacuum unit can be used for dust extraction in buildings with the following characteristics:

  • Surface to be cleaned up to 2000 sqm;
  • Up to 3 operators simultaneous use;
  • Tubing network made with a pipe adapted to the number of operators required
  • 400 V ac three-phase power supply
  • Continuous use
  • External air discharge
MODELRecommendedARTICLEMax number
surfaceof operators
Revo Job 3KW2000 m²3201.2J2
Revo Job 4Kw2000 m²3201.6j3

Automatic filter cleaning

Constructional strength

Integrated T-Warranty warranty

Professional filtration

On REVO Job line control units, an automatic shaking system of the vibrating filter is installed as standard.
The device does not require any programming: every time suction is stopped, a special off centre electric motor with vibrates the filter support fixings. The vibrations are transmitted to the filter walls, causing the deposited dust to detach.
With this system the efficiency of the filter is restored, greatly reducing the maintenance required on the plant.

The filter system adopted on the Revo Job central unit consists of two elements:

  • Washable polyester filter cartridge, with a large filter surface;
  • Metallic protection on the dust inlet: prevents any sharp or incandescent suction materials from entering the filter and damaging it.

Guaranteed reliability – T-Warranty guarantee

Revo Job is the central vacuum unit suitable for use in all those conditions at the limit of the tertiary sector, where the central unit is particularly stressed due to:

  • Extended use times;
  • Nature of the powders to be vacuumed;
  • Crowded/difficult tubing routes.

On the REVO Job control units, Sistem Air has decided to supply the comprehensive 6 year “Kasco” T-Warranty guarantee, which includes receiving free supply of components that could be damaged during operation (excluding the parts subject to normal wear).
This choice is to confirm not only the extraordinary reliability of the product, but also the willingness of Sistem Air to be always beside their customers, even after the plant has been installed.

Feature shortlist

  • Cylindrical shell in epoxy powder coated metal

  • Metal powder container (capacity 70 liters) with wheels

  • Three-phase power supply

  • Sack with bag tensioner in the collection container

  • Possibility of suction pipe orientation to the right or left

  • Automatic suction power regulation system (inverter)

  • Possibility of connection to auxiliary maintenance warning signal

  • Automatic filter cleaning system