VIRTUS vacuum sockets

Sistem Air sockets are available in different models, depending on the type of use, which allow you to meet all the various installation needs.

Tecno R-evolution

Construction quality

The materials selected for production, combined with precision assembly give Sistem Air sockets total quality, destined to remain unchanged over time.

Tecno R-evolution
Tecno R-evolution
Tecno R-evolution

Ergonomic opening, perfect fit
The ergonomic tilting flap is designed to minimize effort when opening the cover, which occurs with a natural and effortless movement.

sistem air aspirapolvere centralizzato

Plates always in place
The aesthetic plate fixing supports are identical to those of the original manufacturers, faithfully reproducing the inlets: once the plate is in position, it will remain perfectly fixed on the frame.

sistem air aspirapolvere centralizzato

Exceptional rigidity
The Virtus socket has been designed to be installed with the utmost simplicity: the body, once inserted into the socket fitting is equipped with a double seat for the sealing gasket.

sistem air aspirapolvere centralizzato

Easy to instal
The Virtus socket has also been designed to be installed with the utmost simplicity: the coupling of the body taken into the fitting of the socket is equipped with a double seat for the seal

sistem air aspirapolvere centralizzato

High fidelity image

Sistem Air vacuum sockets faithfully reflect the shape, colors and finishes of the domestic series chosen for the electrical system, perfectly integrating with it. The result is truly harmonious, and the models available are those of the main producers on the market.

art. 1561.0
Virtus vacuum inlet for BTicino Living Light International model

Support e and keys BTicino Living Light anthracite

art. 1569.0
Virtus vacuum inlet for BTicino Matix
White model

Support and keys BTicino Matix

art. 1553.3
Virtus vacuum inlet for Vimar Plana
Silver model

Support and keys Vimar Plana Silver

art. 1543.0
Virtus vacuum inlet for Simon Urmet Nea Antrhacite model

Support and keys Urmet Nea Antracite

Choose your VIRTUS socket

1561.0Living Light Nera/International
1562.0Living Light Bianca
1565.0Living Light Tech
1564.0Axolute Bianca
1566.0Axolute Nero
1567.oAxolute Silver
1568.0Luna Bianca
1570.0Air Nera
1571.0Air Bianca
1572.0Air BiTech
1573.1Axolute Air Antracite
1571.2Axolute Air Bianca
1571.3Axolute Air Tech
1573.4Living Now Bianca
1573.5Living Now Nera
1573.6Living Now Sabbia
1553.0Idea Nera
1553.2Idea Bianca
1553.3Plana Silver
1553.4Plana Bianca
1553.5Next/Eikon Evo Next
1558.0Eikon/Eikon Evo
1558.1Eikon /Eikon Evo Bianca
1553.9Arkè Antracite
1553.10Arkè Bianca
1557.1Chorus Bianca
1557.2Chorus Nera
1557.3Chorus Titanio
1563.2Banquise Bianca
1563.3Toch Nera
1563.4Toch Bianca
1563.5Life 44 Nera
1563.6Domus 100 Bianca
1563.7Allumnio S44
1563.8Touch Allumnia Grigia
1543.0Nea Antracite
1543.1Nea Bianco
1543.2Nea Acciaio Scuro
1543.3Nea Bianco Ghiaccio
1543.4Nea Alluminio
1551.4Vela Nera
1551.3Vela Bianca
1542.1Mylos Nera
1542.2Mylos Bianca