How to install

Choosing the centralized vacuum system means giving added value to a building. The inclusion of a centralized vacuum system in a building which is under construction or renovation, is in conjunction with the laying and preparation of other systems.

of the suction sockets

The positioning of the suction sockets is defined according to the operating radius of the flexible tube.
Find out how to plan the suction points

of the tube network

The plant will have a better performance if a pipe network is created with a regular path, free of obstacles and changes in direction.
How the tube network is made

central vacuum

Choosing the correct central vacuum unit is essential, to guarantee the correct operation of the entire vacuum system.
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Suction sockets

Sistem Air sockets are available in different models, depending on the type of use, which allow us to meet the different installation needs: from domestic to professional.
Find out how to plan the points taken

Ready to clean

When the system is finished, to start using the centralized suction only need a flexible tube which, once inserted in the suction sockets, activates the central unit.
How the tube network is made

Become a specialist

A meeting where you can explore all aspects of the central vacuum cleaner: sizing, choice of control units and new installation opportunities. Possibility of individual in-depth analysis with the technicians present.

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