Suction socket location

To determine the position of the suction sockets, consider the curve of the chosen flexible pipe: with a standard pipe of 7m, a surface of approximately 35m2 can be covered. By drawing circles, having a 7m radius in the appropriate scale, you can estimate the ​​effective coverage of the total area.

Plan the suction points

  • This operation should be carried out avoiding excessive overlap of the drawn circles;

  • Place the sockets preferably on the inside walls rather than on the perimeter walls (this makes it possible to make full use of the length of the flexible pipe);

  • Take the presence of obstacles such as walls, furniture, etc into account.

  • By placing a suction socket in the immediate vicinity of the stairs, it is possible to clean them optimally;

  • Similarly, a suction socket positioned near garages, terraces and paved entrances allows quick cleaning (be careful not to suck wet materials without the special separator);

  • Remember that, thanks to the special separators, it is possible to extract ashes or water;

  • Suction outlets can be positioned at the same height as switches or electrical outlets.

Special installations

If the centralized vacuum cleaner system project involves:

  • Unusually large surfaces (over 3500 m2);

  • More than 8 simultaneous operators;

  • Suction of materials that cause the accumulation of static charges;

  • Suction of incandescent materials;

  • Suction of potentially explosive materials.

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