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It doesn’t matter if you live in a studio apartment or in a large villa. Ask for a free quote to make your home healthy.

The integrated cleaning system is more than cleaning – your business needs it too.

Sistem Air is for everybody!

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Sistem Air PRO
More than cleaning, your professional ally.

Compliance with sanitary regulations, suction of dangerous materials, waste recovery and continuous use these are just some of the pluses offered by the system SISTEM AIR PRO.

There is always need for a central vacuum system because cleaning well is an important part of the quality of your work.

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Maintenance and assistance

For the scheduled maintenance of the central vacuum units it is necessary to follow the instructions contained in the technical manual supplied and what is reported on the user interface display.

In particular, these periodic operations mainly concern the cleaning of the filter, emptying the dust collection container, replacing the bag, checking the correct operation of the electric motor and any obstruction of the air discharge.

All interventions not included in scheduled maintenance by the user must be performed by qualified personnel.

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