Design vacuum inlets

Design is the suction inlet with an elegant and refined design. This inlet is versatile, simple to be installed, suitable for every environment and, above all, very strong and long lasting. It’s a concentration of innovation and technology in a small and practical product.

    These are the main features of Design inlets:
  • Strength: The components of these suction inlets are made of high quality plastic, to give it a considerable strength.
  • Swing lid: The swing li d guarantees the best aesthetic result with an easy opening, also when the system is under depression.
  • Perfect seal: The gasket was realized with a special double conic line to maintain the perfect seal of the suction inlet when closed. It was developed in SEBS gum, which prevents the memory effect, thus guaranteeing a perfect seal over the years..
  • Cover:The cover can be changed easily and fast. You can modify the look of the Design inlets to taste.
Download Design leaflet