Flisy, the wireless hose

Flisy is the innovative flexible hose with wireless technology, that combines the lightness of a traditional hose with the comfort of the ON-OFF switch on the handgrip. Flisy is available in different models, according to any customer need: with single flexible hose, 7 or 9 meters, or in accessory cleaning kits, with different brushes .

    Flisy is a set of advantages:
  • COMFORTABLE: you can power on/off your central vacuum system by pressing the button on the handgrip: this gives maximum freedom during cleaning activities.
  • LIGHT:the electric wire which used to be installed in the flexible hose has been eliminated, granting the comfort of the ON-OFF wire, with a weight reduction of about 40% respect to the traditional electrified hose.
  • SMART: its technology avoids any accidental use of the system, because the vacuum unit starts cleaning only when the hose is inside the vacuum inlet.
  • RELIABLE: its electronics components have been rigorously tested to guarantee flawless operation: for this reason Sistem Air offers a life-time guarantee on these pieces.

Download Flisy leaflet