TECNO R-EVOLUTION, the domestic central vacuum evolution

Tecno R-evolution vacuum unit is the best product of domestic range on the market: it is solid, reliable, attractive and technologically advanced. It can be installed for surfaces up to 450 mq. These are its key features:

  • Control panel: The conditions of the central vacuum unit are always under control, thanks to the clear messages of the new display.
  • The filtering bag in microfiber allows a high filtering degree: strong and capacious, it assures the best hygiene during disposal, thanks to the closing flap of the bag.
  • Energy saving: It consumes 15% less electric energy (on two of our most used versions). with the same efficiency.
  • The Bi-Vac system: The new TECNO R-evolution central units can be installed with the filtration system chosen by the user, with cyclonic filtration, or with microfiber dust bag.
  • System for dusty filter warning. The warning signal for dusty filter, uses a sensor and it is not mechanically programmed.
  • The conic filter is made of polyester and aluminum fibers. It is connected to electric ground thus eliminating the static electricity which significantly reduces the dust remaining on filter.
  • Service inlet: It allows the cleaning of the area around the appliance (available by choosing cyclonic filtration).